Algae and Weed Control
Pond management is a delicate balancing act. Excess algae
and weed growth can spoil an otherwise beautiful landscape.
It is unsightly, interrupts fishing and other activities, and can
produce unwanted odors. It can also be harmful to fish and
other wildlife. Large, sudden die-offs can lead to dangerously
low oxygen levels in the water resulting in a fish kill.

Removing too much growth will also have a negative effect.
Plants and algae add oxygen to the water and provide food
and cover for fish and other aquatic organisms.
Over-managing a pond will often lead to an unhealthy
environment with a poor fish population.

Implementing a proper management plan is extremely
important in order to find this balance. Success often depends
on the combination of a variety of tools and techniques.
Aquatic algaecides and herbicides are widely used and are
very safe when applied in the proper manner. This includes
the proper rates,timing and method of distribution. Many
times, although, this alone will not solve your problems. Most
algae and weed problems are caused by excess nutrients in
the water system. These nutrients come from a variety of
sources including fertilizer runoff and decaying plant matter.
In order to fully control algae and weed blooms, these excess
nutrients need to be removed. One of the most effective ways
to do this is through the addition of a
fountain or aeration
system. Proper aeration will allow aerobic bacteria to thrive.
These beneficial bacteria will compete with the algae and
weeds for food, essentially starving them. More information on
this process can be found

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