Fountains and Aeration
The addition of a properly designed
aeration system can work wonders for
your lake or pond. Introducing
supplemental oxygen into the system
helps in a variety of ways.

  • Boosts aerobic bacteria numbers
    and activity.
  • Breaks down thermal stratification
    increasing oxygen levels
    throughout the water column.
  • Greatly reduces the chance of an
    oxygen related fish kill   
Although bacteria is found in all ponds, it is
commonly the anaerobic bacteria trying to break
down decaying plant matter, fertilizer runoff and
other sources of excess nutrients. This is due to the
lack of oxygen in the deeper areas of the pond.
Anaerobic bacteria will break this material down but it
is a very slow and inefficient process.  "Rotten egg"
smells are often associated with this process as the
bacteria releases hydrogen sulfide and other toxic

Introducing oxygen to the lower depths of your pond
allows beneficial aerobic populations to thrive. The
benefits associated with aerobic bacteria can be
significant. They aggressively compete for excess
nutrients in the body of water. This eliminates much
of the resources needed for algae and aquatic weeds
to thrive. This results in less frequent and less severe
blooms throughout the year.

This process can also help add depth to your pond.
Aerobic bacteria are extremely efficient in breaking
down bottom "sludge" consisting of dead leaves,
fish waste and other biological materials. A deeper
pond will produce less algae and weed growth due to
the lack of sunlight reaching the bottom.

Several factors determine which type of aeration is
best for your particular situation including pond size,
depth and shape. Whether it be a dramatic aerating
fountain or efficient bottom aeration unit, Palmetto
Pond Service has you covered.
We proudly offer products from
the manufacturers listed below.
Vertex Aeration
When it comes to the overall health of a body of water, it's hard to
beat bottom aeration. These systems work best in deeper water (8
feet and deeper) and are designed to be nearly maintenance free.
A specially designed diffuser is placed on the bottom of the pond
and supplied with air pressure. The bubbles created then lift the
water from the bottom to the surface, allowing it to mix with
surface oxygen. This creates a cycle in which fresh oxygen is
constantly added to the pond.

Vertex is a worldwide leader in aeration and their products are
backed by a solid warranty. Palmetto Pond Service is proud to be
an authorized dealer of Vertex products. For more information on
their products, please visit their website by clicking the link below.

 Vertex Water Features
Otterbine Fountains
With breathtaking displays and uncompromising
construction, Otterbine fountains are at the forefront
of the industry. These units are specially designed to
add significant amounts of oxygen to your pond while
providing the sights and sounds that only floating
fountains can. With several display options and
available light kits, Otterbine has a fountain that is
right for you. Combine this with one of the best
warranties in the business, and it's hard to go wrong.

Palmetto Pond Service proudly carries a full line of
Otterbine products. For more information, please visit
their website by clicking the link below.

Otterbine Barebo, Inc.